Quality that is admired..

Passion that can be seen!

Finishes that are dreamed about..

Passion that can be seen!

Finishes that are dreamed about..


We work EXCLUSIVELY with trade professionals and their discriminating clients.

Interior Designers – General Contractors – Architects – Trade Professionals

We work closely with you and your clients to create your vision in their homes!

With an artist’s eye and dedication to detail, PTX Paiting’s professional painters are unsurpassed in their commitment to excellence. Our interior painting services are displayed in some of the most exclusive residences, offices and restaurants in New York and New Jersey.  Accustomed to high-end work, our craftsmen take great pains to protect every surface and leave the jobsite in pristine condition.


The adage says that first impressions are lasting impressions, and the initial impression of any dwelling or business is created by the exterior appearance. PTX Painting is dedicated to acheiving that level of perfection that leaves a lingering sense of crisp beauty and refined taste.

Specialty | Bespoke Services

Whether subtle or spectacular, decorative finishing is a technique that offfers an extra touch of distinction for discerning clients. Using a variety of sheens, textures, colors and application techniques, PTX Painting can produce a look that is undeniably one-of-a-kind. With faux techniques, we can create a myriad of stunning effects, making plain drywall look like marble or pine like mahogany.


New and restoration, custom matching, blending, toning, penetrating, gel, NGR, Brushed and sprayed polyurethanes, varnishes and lacquers.


Water and oil gilding, authentic and composition, 14K to 24K gold, copper, aluminum, dutch leaf, variegated leaf, verre eglomise,


Color washing, dry brushing, fresco, geometric reflections, damasks, glitter, ragging, smooshing, strie, texture, washed stripes,


New and repairs, historical restoration, veneer, 3 coat, textured, venetian, 3 dimensional, lime, single and double hydrated


Mahogany, oak, maple, cherry, walnut, rosewood teak, pine, ash, hickory, beach, cedar, redwood, hemlock, fir, spruce


Grass cloth, vinyl, fabric, silk, hand-printed/painted, blocked, hand-stencil, machine-printed, flock


We work EXCLUSIVLY with trade professionals and their discriminating clients.

Interior Designers – General Contractors – Architects – Trade Professionals

Masters of Our Craft

At PTX Painting, we employ the most reliable and proficient craftsmen, skilled in a wide range of fine painting and decorating techniques. From historic woodwork restoration to silk wall-coverings to exclusive faux finishes, we set the standard for premium painting services.

Committed to providing our clients with a reliable, hassle-free experience, at PTX Painting we go out of our way to adapt our services to your needs. We can do projects as small as a half-bath in a downtown condo or as large as the exterior of a sprawling estate. PTX Painting clients know that our dedicated craftsmen do not need to be micromanaged; we are proactive workers and solution-seekers. If your project hits a snag, rely on us to persevere and keep things on-track.

Equipped with time-honored techniques and modern equipment


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Meticulously Executed

From the initial planning, to the samples, to the jobsite setup to the to actual work. Many trade professional’s wish they had put our skills to work sooner.

Awe Inspriing

The best way to get to know PaintTek is to experience us for yourself. We guarantee that you will be blown away by our unwavering commitment to delivering what we promise.